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Zanthorrea Nursery is a family-owned garden centre, located in the hills of Perth, Western Australia.

The tranquil surroundings of Zanthorrea Nursery's hills garden centre make choosing plants a pleasure. Whether you are wandering around the display gardens or enjoying a picnic while the children discover the playground, the emphasis at Zanthorrea is on relaxation.

At Zanthorrea we specialise in Australian natives, which are among the world's most lovely and hardy plants. Visit our award winning nursery and choose from over 600 varieties of Australian plants. Zanthorrea is an accredited nursery, so our plants are guaranteed to be clean, healthy and 'hardened off' before you take them home.

Recent News

After the previous warm week, you wouldn't have thought it good weather to be sitting on eggs, but we are pleased to say we now have a new baby chick at Zanthorrea. Hopefully a couple more hatch in the next few days!

19th of December: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us throughout the year, and wish you a safe and enjoyable start into 2020.

It has been a hot start to summer with December hosting four days over 40 degrees! Some plants will need some extra attention when we have hot weather like this and others, once established will just keep on growing with no additional treatment or water. If you notice a plant struggling, it might benefit from some soil wetter or seasol solution. It is also a good time to top up mulch in the garden so as to reduce evaporation. We recommend a nice chucky bark mulch from a clean supply as this allows the water to penetrate through.

Hope you all find enjoyment in the long days of summer gardening!

25th of October. A Plant Party announced for November

Join us November 16 and 17 for a celebration of plants! We have two great talks prepared and will be serving cakes, tea and coffee to raise money for Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Details below:
Sat 16th, 10am: Creating a Fairy Garden
11am - 1pm: Cakes, tea and Coffee.

Sun 17th, 10am: Indoor Plants
10:30am - 1pm: Cakes, tea and Coffee.

Join us for a celebration of plants and bring your plant questions!

The pink rice flowers (Pimelea ferruginea) are looking terrific at the moment.

15th October: Spring Wildflower Cheer!

It has been a great spring for wildflowers, but then it is hard to go wrong with WA's vast selection of flowering plants. There are plenty of nice Kangaroo Paws in flower, including the new Anigozanthos Kings Park Royale. It is not too late to plant up your bed with these for a lovely show of colour from now till Christmas time.

Christmas is not that far away, and if you are posting for family or friends overseas, then now is the time to start. We have a range of Australian themed gifts that are ideal for posting.

4th of July. Wonderful Winter Rains!

I love the winter rains, pitter patering on the roof, filling the rain tanks and bringing new life to the garden. It is a very green time of year (yes the weeds too), and an enjoyable time to be out in the garden. There are also many native plants that choose to flower in winter, so if you are looking for a bit of colour there is plenty to excite like the Chorizema cordatum. This year we have two different colours to choose from: Bright orange and pastel yellow.
You will also notice many new plants in the nursery gardens as Graeme chooses winter to do the majority of planting. This way the winter rains can water them in and get the plants well established before summer.

Chorizema cordatum "Pastel Pea'

We have some great quality stock coming available this autumn.

15th of April: The gardening season is here.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, with a cheerful buzz and the anticipation of new rain. It is a great time to get out into the garden. One of my autumn jobs is to see what plants need pruning back, and on occasion removing. This will make way for new plantings. It is also a good time to fertilise any winter flowering native plants like the spidernet grevilleas and correas. In fact it is said to be the best time to fertilise the whole garden.

We had a terrific Garden Releaf Day on March 24th, and together we raised over $2500 for Beyond Blue. Thanks everyone for their support.

We hope you have a great autumn and get lots of 'Green Minutes'.

25th of February. Autumn is on the way!

Next week is the start of Autumn and the start of a great gardening season. While the weather and soil is still warm, the garden puts on lots of new growth. Be careful to keep an eye on the watering though as March can still be very hot and dry.

On the 24th of March we are having our Garden Releaf Day, so if you are free to join us it looks like it will be a lot of fun for the whole family. On this day we celebrate all that gardens do for us, including filtering the air we breath and the effect is has on our wellbeing. Money raised is donated to beyondblue.

Wishing you all a happy gardening season.

Hakea 'Pink Fireworks'

Opening Hours: 9am-5:30pm,
Every day except closed on Christmas Day.

What's Looking Good!


The Fan flowers are a great plant to grow through the warm summer months as they put on a terrific show of flowers. Either in hanging baskets, pots, or a well watered garden bed. Try: Scaevola Sitting Pretty, Scaevola Crinkle Cut or Scaevola Purple Fanfare.

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Zanthorrea Nursery has been an accredited grower for many years. If you would like to know more about the accreditation scheme, click on the link to NIASA website (left).

Zanthorrea is the first nursery in WA to be officially certified by Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA). To learn more, please visit http://www.sgaonline.org.au

Zanthorrea Nursery  ::  155 Watsonia Road, Maida Vale, Western Australia 6057  ::  Ph (08) 9454 6260