Gardening Information & Resources

This section contains information on growing a variety of plants in a range of environments including some suggested plants for each application. Click on the links below to learn more.

New Info Sheet July 2023: Download the Carnaby’s Cockatoo Info Sheet for a list of the best plants to attract these beautiful birds to your garden.

Plant List

In this list you will find information on flowering time, colours and heights for plants we often have available. Our plant list is a helpful guide to the plants grow, but doesn’t show current availability or pricing. If you are interested in any plants on the list, please give the nursery a call to check availability and pricing.

Starting Out

New to Gardening? These articles can help you begin your Gardening Journey.

More Gardening Info

More interesting and useful gardeing information.

Shady Gardens

Small Plants (to 1m) •Acacia drummondii• Adenanthos cunninghamii•Baeckea virgata ‘Miniature’•Brachysema celsianum (swan river pea)•Boronia megastigma (brown boronia)•Chorizema cordatum (flame pea)•Correa

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Frost Tolerant Planting

The following plants are reported to be tolerant to light frosts. We welcome your feedback. Ground Covers •Grevillea gaudichaudii•Grevillea thelemanniana

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Coastal Planting

Choose from the following list of hardy plants suitable for planting in coastal sands.– ‘S’ indicates salt tolerance– ‘L’ indicates

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Extra Gardening Info

More Resources to take your knowledge to the next level.


Each year, at Zanthorrea, we have a stunning display of Everlastings. By the time they flower in late Winter, it

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Dichondra Lawn

Dichondra repens is a low growing, creeping perennial that spreads by underground runners. The leaves are kidneyshaped and dark green

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Bush Tucker

There has been widespread interest in bush tucker plants. Further information should be sought before preparing and consuming bush tucker

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