The Art Of Pruning

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

The art of pruning in the Australian gardenWho feels confused about pruning? Who neglects pruning? Then please read on because it reallyisn’t hard at all. I hope to demystify pruning and give you the confidence to really take control ofyour garden. Most plants look better with a little pruning and it can make a huge […]

A Guide to Watering


Plants grown in a nursery environment receive 10-14mm of water, everyday in summer and every second day in the other three seasons unless unusually hot, windy or raining. This water is applied slowly over 1.5 hours so that it can soak in.When you take your new plants home, you want to try to replicate theenvironment […]

Planting Out Trees

tree planting sapling

Moving trees from a reticulated nursery environment to the home garden needs some extra care for a greater success rate. • Dig a large hole (twice width and depth of pot if possible).• Add a wetting agent to the hole.• Fill with water 1 to 3 times to ensure water has soaked in.• Mix soil […]