Sustainable Vege Gardening

Platysace deflexa Youlk crop

Today we are going to talk about the soil and composting, straw and no-dig gardens, gardeningin containers and raised bins. We’ll look at winter herbs and vege for planting now, and how togrow them with ease from seeds or seedling. After the talk, we will share morning tea, followed byplanting up your own mini vege […]

Small Plants For Small Spaces


Many gardeners have limited space but would like a garden that mimics a natural landscape or perhaps that looks like cottage gardens of old. There are a few tricks that can help create a garden in a limited space:•Select small plants or dwarf varieties of favourite species•Repeat plants in odd numbers of 3, 5 or […]

Shady Gardens

Shady Garden1500

Small Plants (to 1m) •Acacia drummondii• Adenanthos cunninghamii•Baeckea virgata ‘Miniature’•Brachysema celsianum (swan river pea)•Boronia megastigma (brown boronia)•Chorizema cordatum (flame pea)•Correa spp. (native fuchsia)•Crowea exalata•Darwinia citriodora (lemon scented darwinia)•Philotheca myoporoides (native daphne)•Grevillea thelemanniana (spider net grevillea)•Hypocalymma angustifolium•Melaleuca thymifolia (cotton candy)•Thomasia purpurea Medium Plants (1 to 3m) •Baeckea virgata (heath myrtle)•Calothamnus quadrifidus•Grevillea ‘Boongala Spinebill’•Grevillea ‘Ellendale’•Adenanthos cunninghamii•Prostanthera ovalifolia […]

Frost Tolerant Planting

lomandra lime tuff plant

The following plants are reported to be tolerant to light frosts. We welcome your feedback. Ground Covers •Grevillea gaudichaudii•Grevillea thelemanniana (spider net grevillea)•Myoporum parvifolium•Brachyscome multifida (rock daisy)•Banksia repens (creeping banksia) Small Plants (to 1m) •Bauera ruboides (river rose)•Boronia megastigma (brown boronia)•Calytrix tetragona•Correa mannii (native fuchsia)•Crowea exalata•Darwinia citriodora (lemon-scented darwinia)•Homoranthus flavescens•Hypocalymma angustifolium•Melaleuca thymifolia•Patersonia occidentalis (purple flags)•Pimelea […]

Coastal Planting

Conostylis candicans

Choose from the following list of hardy plants suitable for planting in coastal sands.– ‘S’ indicates salt tolerance– ‘L’ indicates plants which will grow in limestone or alkaline soils – note that not all coastal soils are alkaline. Ground Covers Banksia petiolaris – L• Conostylis candicans – S L• Grevillea crithmifolia prostrate – L• Hemiandra […]

The Clay Soil Challenge

RHS PUB0011121 943088

Clay soils can be very challenging – dry and hard in summer, boggy and wet in winter. Theyare potentially fertile soils as clay holds onto nutrients. Before planting, mix a spadeful of soilimprover to add air and nutrient to this dense soil. The following plants grow successfully inclay soils. Ground Covers • Callistemon ‘Rocky Rambler’• […]

Bird Attracting Plants


Birds are a great companion in the garden! They pick off insects and sing you songs while youwork. To attract them into your garden you need to provide them with a food source (nectarfrom flowers) and shelter/protection from predators. I find the best first step is to plant sometrees or taller shrubs. Small Plants (to […]