The New Australian Garden

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The New Australian Garden After the massed planting of large native species in the 70’s and early 80’s, the resulting gardens were overgrown and unappealing to all but the bush garden enthusiast. When considering design options many gardeners have rejected Australian plants as “too big, too woody and unmanageable”. Despite the occasional bad press, Australian […]

The Aussie Cottage Garden

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The Australian Cottage GardenThe charm of the cottage garden has an appeal which defies fashion trends. What is it we love about the cottage garden? Is it the soft pastels and white shades, the foliage textures and changing seasonal interest. Perhaps this lush chaotic garden provides a welcome haven from our busy lives.Alas, this style […]

Australian Native Small Trees – Suggestions

Adenanthos sericeus nursery plant

Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea Bird attracting flowers, from dark pink to white, adorn this 4 to 6 metres tree, during autumn to late winter. A pale, smooth barked trunk supports a canopy of narrow leaves. It grows in all soils, has low water requirements and is often used by shires for street planting. Highly recommended. Eucalyptus […]

Australian Native Small Trees

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PLANTING TREES FOR THE FUTURE It is generally agreed that planting trees is an important way we can care for the environment.• Trees provide welcome shade, modifying our harsh climate.• They maintain clean, oxygen rich air, counteracting the polluting effect of cars, fires and industry.• Birds and animals visit our gardens for the food and […]

Screens and Windbreaks


TIP: In strong wind areas, prune your screen as it grows to reduce the size of foliage until itcan grow a stronger trunk. This will prevent your new shrubs from being blown over! Small Plants (to 1m) • Agonis flexuosa nana (dwarf willow myrtle)• Baeckea virgata ‘Miniature’• Brachysema celsianum (Swan River pea)• Callistemon ‘Captain Cook’• […]

Keep Your Australian Native Garden Looking Great!

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Selecting Your Plants Australian plants are diverse – each has a different set of requirements for successful cultivation.• There are Australian plants that tolerate extreme drought, others can grow in wet, boggy situations.• There are some which require full sun, others which prefer or tolerate shade.• There are plants which do well in heavy clay, […]

Kangaroo-Proof Plants

K row paws

It may seem odd to gardeners in other parts of the world that kangaroos can be a real pestin Australian gardens. They eat their way through many precious plants including roses, fruit treesand bedding plants, even hardy native plants which do not appear tasty at all!It seems there aren’t many plants which kangaroo won’t eat. […]


Everlastings cluster

Each year, at Zanthorrea, we have a stunning display of Everlastings. By the time they flower in late Winter, it is already too late to plant seed. Autumn is the best time to plant! Our tried and true method is as follows:• Eliminate weeds by cultivating, pulling by hand or spraying with a weedicide.• Improve […]

Dichondra Lawn


Dichondra repens is a low growing, creeping perennial that spreads by underground runners. The leaves are kidneyshaped and dark green in colour. The overall appearance is that of a flat cover with a neat velvety appearance throughout the year, and needs no mowing. Dichondra is not recommended for sunny positions, but in shady or part […]

Bush Tucker

DIY 2 – Header – Top ten bush tucker plants to grow Guide to edible natives – GAP Photos Brent Wilson

There has been widespread interest in bush tucker plants. Further information should be sought before preparing and consuming bush tucker foods. The following bush tucker plants are sometimes available at the nursery. Acacia acuminata (jam wattle)A small wattle tree. Seeds are collected and ground into flour, mixed with water to make a small cake in […]