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2016 Amateur Spring Wildflower Photography Competition

Entries for the 2016 Spring Wildflower photo competition are now closed. Below are all the fabulous entries.

Congratulations to our 3 winners of the following awards. This year there is 3 equal Prizes for the 3 Awards of a $150 gift voucher.

Facebook 'likes' Award (by most likes on FB): Emily Andrew.

Staff choice Award: Glenys Ball.

Judges Award (by Rod Lawson Kerr, a professional in the industry): Debbie Barnett.

1) We are only accepting one photo per person, so please select your favourite carefully.
2) The photo entry is of an amateur nature and is not for commercial use.
2) Please ensure your photo is from the 2016 calendar year and of an Australian wildflower.
3) By entering this photo competition, Zanthorrea is allowed to display the photo on their website, facebook page and as a print in the Giftshop. We will credit your photo where ever it is displayed with your full name.
4) We hope you have lots of fun in taking these photos. All the best of luck in the competition!

Wildflower Photo Gallery

To view these photos in higher resolution visit our gallery on Facebook.

Claudette Pope

Cordula Hink

Phebe Jones

Alison Higgins

Yean Tan

Dan Nelson

Tamara Kabat

Gail Reed

Sarah Julia Boulton

Anne Robinson

Catherine Colas des Francs-Small

Marc Russo

Nathan Dobbie

Sue Pow

Kate Hosken

Mark Hosken

Annie Tregger

Sarah Hin

Kris Brimmell

Samantha Vincent

Bethany Molloy


Mathew Cormack

Isaiah McIlwain

Kris Kormac

Jannah Shelton

Andrew Rate

Fletcher Jessett

Jorja Clements-Grasa

Alison Fraser

Jessica Murphey

Madisen Clampett

Chris Ryan

Peta Worth

Ashly Barnett

Ellen Morley

Asaiah McLiam

Meagan Evitt

Colin Fraser

Adam Sims

Will Kendall

Ayden Ault

Adelle Kaps

Debbie Barnett

Thomas Ruitenga

Russ Birch

Kerry Graham

Marjo English

Tina Bryant

Mike Dunne

Lyndal Ebert

Glenys Ball

Reginald Gregory

Lu Lu Birch

Jess Li

Sandy Ignatiadis

Catherine Milliner

Charmaine Ling

Holly Carter

Susan Hoerlein

Gill Corfe

Faye Morgan

Graeme Clarke

Karen Williams

Maureen Sparkes

Linda Paterson

Susan Fraser

Anneliese H Bear

Patricia Ryan

Brooke Healy

Sarah Williams

Rose van Son

Cindy Healy

Debra Carter

Tennielle Sweeney

Christian Pelle

Melissa Gillespie

Brent Sweeney

Shea Price

Sandra Sharpe

Louise Fletcher

Geoff Chidlow

Lee Afentopoulos

Frank Raab

Judith Bruechert

Fiona Loy

Kate Cook

Kea Flood

Natasha Bowden

Noeleen Lundstrom

Michele Charlton

Mandy Flood

Ralph Crabtree

Linda Jones

Brian Jones

Annette Milverton

Jill Raab

Clare Auckland

Colleen Cousens

Shelley McClellan

Leanne Kellner

Les Guest

Ian Dadd

Jenny Boylen

Sean Forward

Eugene Low

Sandra Baudach

Sarah McLeod

Steve Yanev

Michelle Sully


Linda Wynne

Richard Sawicki

Paul Shelton

Mitchell Long

Barbara Longhurst

Susan Jennings

Maddie Bonnaire

Nissa Aked

Carol Everett

Jeni Street

Shane Ellison

Kerryn Chia

Robert Atkins

Sarah Baljeu

John Linton

Simon Taylor

Julie ancans

Penny Ende

Maurie and John

Jaimee Bennett

Nick Street

Christine Hosken

Ingrid Perry

Eileen Rowles

Bruce Corfe

Jacqui Mitchell

Chris Tate

Jeanette Conacher

Emily Andrew

Leigh Haywood

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